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Dolmen in... - Overig (steen, fossiel, mineraal) - hunebed

Dolmen in...

avatar YobeK1953
op 05-07-2013
While hiking with Arie through Bretagne, France, YobeK comes to the most deserted places. Force places like this one are still very active. The long grass tells me that in the last few month only two or three people have been here. I don't tell where this place is, so it can keep it's strenght. On this place I sit for an hour staring at this scenery and feeling reborn. This is a positive place, that's clear.

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avatar joanne
Nog bedankt voor je reactie op mijn foto Sint-Janskruid. Je vraag wat die achtergrond betreft,ik heb er niets aangedaan er zit een bos achter,ik heb zelfs een foto daar is de achtergrond helemaal zwart.
gr joanne
avatar joanne
gr joanne
Hennepen Hennepen
Yes! you gotta keep this between yourself and the planet.
Find this place is find yourself!
Knock yourself out!
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